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Combining functionality and reliability without compromising on quality. This is how you can describe Kang Yang’s Self-Adhesive Wire Clips & Cable Holders.

Not only can our self-adhesive clips be used for a variety of purposes, but they have other qualities, including ease of use, being formed from a lightweight material, strength at low and high temperature, resistance to impact abrasion, organic solvents and gasoline, retention of shape and stiffness at high temperature. Also, importantly, all products satisfy the RoHS legislation and are available in flame retardant versions.

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These Self-Adhesive Wire clips are an economical method of securing cables and harnesses of varying bundle sizes where fixing holes are impractical. Typical colors are Natural and Black.

What’s so special about Kang Yang’s self-adhesive clips?

  1. Organize & route wires just about any way you want to.
  2. Superior adhesive backing adhere to smooth, clean and grease-free surface, including wood, plastic and metal.
  3. Latching design let you repeatedly open and close clips to replace or remove cables.
  4. Versatile – Perfect for use in any environment!
  5. Smooth, rounded corners and edges protect wires and installers’ hands.